The Company has not established a separate department for internal control. This task is performed by Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors. Moreover, at Group level each Managing Director of a legal entity together with the legal and/or operational entity’s finance department and the Director of Internal Audit – reporting to the Chairman – is responsible for ensuring that the necessary controls are performed along with adequate monitoring. Internal controls comprise the control of the Company’s and Group’s organisation, procedures and remedial measures.

The object is to ensure reliable and correct financial reporting, and to ensure that the Company’s and Group’s financial reports are prepared in accordance with law and applicable accounting standards and that other requirements are complied with. The internal control system is also intended to monitor compliance with the Company’s and Group’s policies, principles and instructions. In addition, the control system monitors security for the Company assets and monitors that the Company’s resources are exploited in a cost-effective and adequate manner. Internal control also involves following up on the implemented information and business system, and risk analysis.