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Board of Directors

Please note that the shareholdings listed below are updated annually. For up to date information on shareholding please go to: http://insynsok.fi.se/SearchPage.aspx?bolagid=845&reporttype=0&culture=en-GB&fromdate=04/06/2011&tomdate=31/12/2019

  Audit Remuneration
Patrik Tigerschiöld Independent Director Member of Audit Committee  
Helena Thrap-Olsen Independent Director    
Heléne Mellquist Independent Director    
Stefan Widegren Chairman of the Board    
Erik Lautmann Independent Director   Committee Chair for Remuneration Committee
Fabio Cannavale Independent Director    
Ottonel Popesco    

Chair of the Board = Chair of the Board Committee Chair = Chair Committee Member = Member Independent Director = Independent Director

¹Please note that the year refers to membership in the Board of Directors of Cavotec SA

²In this context, a major shareholder is defined as controlling, directly or indirectly, at least ten per cent of the shares or votes in the Company. The assessment whether a Board member is independent in relation to a major shareholder is based on the extent of the Board member's direct and indirect relationship with such major shareholder.

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