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Executive Management Committee

The EMC is made up of members from the Group's most experienced and knowledgeable management team. This includes top corporate staff, several Regional Managers and several Group Market Unit Managers.

The EMC advises on and supports the implementation of global strategies as defined by the CEO in specific areas. It advises the CEO on strategic management decisions and helps to implement such decisions according to each member's specific responsibilities or as directed by the CEO. The EMC also assists the CEO with the evaluation and implementation of company acquisitions.

The EMC is nominated by the CEO and currently consists of thirteen members.

Please note that the shareholdings listed below are updated annually. For up to date information on shareholding please go to:

Christian Bernadotte
Regional Manager, Americas
Ester Cadau
Group Human Resources Director
Erik Chilò
Managing Director, Cavotec Sverige AB
Regional Manager, North Europe
Luciano Corbetta
Group Market Unit Manager, Ports & Maritime
Yann Duclot
Group Manager, Sales & Marketing
Diego Fiorentini
Group CFO
Giorgio Lingiardi
Group VP & CIO
Regional Manager, Southern Europe
Gary Matthews
Managing Director, Cavotec UK
Gustavo Miller
Managing Director, Cavotec China
Regional Manager, Far East
Patrick Rosenwald
Managing Director, Cavotec Specimas
Managing Director, Cavotec MoorMaster
Michael Scheepers
Director, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Juergen Strommer
Managing Director, Cavotec Middle East
Regional Manager, Middle East & India
Michael Widegren
Group VP, Patents & Trademarks
Regional Manager, Central Europe
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