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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee shall be a committee established by the Board of Directors of Cavotec SA. This is in line with Swiss law but will constitute a deviation from the Code that prescribes that the Nomination Committee shall be determined by the shareholders. To follow the rules that apply to Swiss companies the Board of Directors has decided that Nomination Committee shall be established by the Board of Directors. The composition of the Nomination Committee shall however be in line with the Code.

The current members of the Nomination Committee in Cavotec SA are Henrik Blomquist (Committee Chairman), Peter Brandel, Fabio Cannavale, Per Colleen and Stefan Widegren.

Mail addressed to the Nomination Committee can be sent to:

Cavotec SA
attn: Chairman Nomination Committee
Via Balestra 27
6900 Lugano, Switzerland
or via email: nominations@cavotec.com


Please download below the Cavotec Nomination Committee statement 2017:
PDF Download PDF

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